YoKratom is one of the many vendors out there that distribute Kratom in the United States. Many individuals are becoming interested in Kratom, and for understandable reasons. It would be unreasonable to disregard all of the testimonies from folks who say that Kratom has improved their lives in various ways.

Kratom is somewhat of an evergreen plant native to Southeast Asia with the scientific name Mitragyna Speciosa. Natives of that region have been chewing on the herb’s leaves for generations because of its numerous health benefits. The rest of the world has just lately caught up with it.

When Kratom first arrived on the western market, most of it was of excellent quality, which is why it became so well-known. However, as the demand for Kratom grew, so did the number of businesses attempting to fill the void. Unfortunately, the majority of these sellers are untrustworthy. They provide products that fail to produce the desired results and also have unfavorable side effects.

So if you want to start taking Kratom, you need to be especially cautious about where you buy it.

Nevertheless, do you want to know if YoKratom is a trustworthy Kratom supplier? Continue reading to find out.

What Is YoKratom?

YoKratom is a relatively unknown brand in the Kratom business. Although popularity may not always be considered a sign of authenticity, there is no denying that Kratom businesses with high-quality products are more famous. YoKratom, on the other hand, was only formed in 2018. Thus, they still need time to establish a reputable name.

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However, one thing that made us suspicious of this Kratom supplier is that they do not provide us with any information about their identity or whereabouts. It can be concerning, particularly given the complex nature of the products they market. Being so secretive about oneself presents the impression that you’re attempting to hide something, which isn’t ideal if you want to build trust.

Despite this, the brand has built a reputation for itself by selling its products at affordable rates. Being inexpensive can be beneficial or problematic, as we will explain shortly.

Best Selling Products

As you may already know, the brand does not sell a wide selection of strains. All in all, there are seven different varieties available in powdered and encapsulated form. Red Bali kratom, Green Vietnam kratom, Green Maeng Da kratom, and White Borneo kratom are among the offered variants.

On their website, the supplier provides a very brief explanation of several of its Kratom strains. Some other variants, on the other hand, have no description at all.

Additionally, Mitragyna strains are also available in bulk from the company. As many buyers have stated online, the bulk costs of Kratom are shockingly inexpensive. However, if you don’t want to buy Kratom in bulk, lesser sizing choices are available too.

Product Pricing

YoKratom’s prices are remarkably affordable, which is why they have such a massive fan base. Their kilos cost approximately around $59.99 each, a record low for a US-based seller. In comparison, budget-friendly suppliers sometimes sell kilos for $60 to $70, putting YoKratom at the low end of the pricing spectrum.

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Their capsules, on the other hand, are not nearly as cheap. A kilogram of Kratom capsules may cost up to $179.99 each. When you look at the math, this is roughly three times the price of the powder. But make sure you remember that these supplement capsules themselves make up a significant percentage of the overall weight. So when you are buying these capsules, you are receiving lesser Kratom.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that YoKratom makes a lot of sales regularly. During seasonal promotions, they also frequently reduce the price of their Kratom powders to $49.99 per kg. As a result, this makes their products even more appealing to customers.

Payment Options

When it comes to payment, you can purchase YoKratom’s supplements through credit cards and debit cards. It is a much-needed upgrade to the standard “cash on delivery” payment method. This vendor supports both VISA and MasterCard, so there should be no problems in paying online for most customers.

Delivery Methods

When it comes to making things easier for its consumers, a reputable Kratom business will always use acceptable and secure shipping methods.

Typically, businesses will go to great lengths to ensure that customers receive their orders as quickly as possible. YoKratom provides customers with a choice of delivery alternatives to select from, based on their needs and immediacy.

The USPS, UPS, and Priority Mail are among these choices. They also have a FedEx delivery option available.

According to the brand, customers can expect their order’s shipping the very same day as placement. As a result, same-day delivery allows products to reach buyers promptly.

Lab Testing

When it comes to online Kratom sellers, lab testing is undoubtedly one of the most informative aspects. Before the final processing of the supplement, vendors send them to third-party laboratories for screening. In most cases, it can help identify any batch of contaminated Kratom that could have microbiological contaminants or heavy metals.

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A trustworthy brand not only sells tested merchandise but also publishes lab findings on its website. The purpose of this display is to build the buyers’ confidence and trust in the brand. Untested or inadequately screened Kratom products may contain toxins and cause health problems.

Unfortunately, YoKratom makes no mention of laboratory testing on its website. Not only does this give the impression of being sketchy, but it also drives consumers away.

On the company’s website, there aren’t nearly enough detailed facts regarding the product for sale. The lack of test findings might have legal consequences in addition to medical ones.

Consequently, lab reports and testing are some of the main requirements for a trustworthy online Kratom provider.

GMP Participation With The American Kratom Association (AKA)

The AKA has the intention of setting a better standard for Kratom suppliers’ production procedures. Resultantly, members of the AKA GMP Standards Program agree to implement the established processing and manufacturing standards.

The participating vendors also have to conduct a yearly unbiased third-party audit to confirm compliance with the program’s requirements to become an AKA GMP Qualified vendor.

Even though it seems like a lot of work to acquire verification, it pays off in the end because consumers can then easily trust an AKA-accredited vendor.

But unfortunately, YoKratom has no such certification from the AKA. When you look at the list of the registered suppliers on the official website, they are not present. So, in the end, it is fair to assume that there is no knowing if this vendor does follow the GMP standards set by the AKA.

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Customer Service

Every successful brand should prioritize customer fulfillment. Customer reviews shape a brand’s image, especially when it comes to an online retailer.

In the age of the internet, no one tolerates poor customer service. Several consumer reviews have been critical of the brand’s poor customer service.

The purchasers’ questions have gone unanswered for several days before someone from the enterprise answers back. Poor customer service has also caused several unexpected delays in consumers’ orders.

The approachability of an online forum is another essential element to consider. It is critical to be freely accessible to the general population.

On top of having relatively average customer service, YoKratom also has poor approachability. The business only provides its email address on the website, which means it is the only way to contact them. Unfortunately, there is no mention anywhere about a working phone number or physical address. Due to this, you can’t instantly reach out to a customer representative and may be left waiting for several days.

Coupon Codes And Giveaways

Who doesn’t enjoy getting something free of cost? It’s even better when it’s the outcome of a lucky draw. YoKratom’s occasional giveaways are another one of the brand’s many advantages. It is understandable because discounts and promotions are crucial for attracting buyers.

Not only does the business provide Kratom giveaways, but it also offers online coupon codes.

In addition to these discounts, you may join a loyalty scheme to ensure that you never miss a promotion or discount. Members of the loyalty and rewards program receive frequent emails informing them of any new products or services that the company releases.

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And last but not least, the company currently has a promotion where you can get free Kratom supplements from purchasing any 2 kilos of products.


Is YoKratom Reliable?

Although there is a lack of information on their website, most past customers support YoKratom as a trustworthy brand.

Are The Products Worth The Money?

When you look at the rest of the market, it becomes clear that YoKratom provides the same products for much lower prices, understandably attracting many customers.

Why Are Lab-Test Reports Not Available?

Since the brand has nothing to say in this context, it is fair to assume that their products don’t undergo lab testing. Consequently, there are no lab-test reports to offer to potential customers.

Final Thoughts

Even though their website is quite vague, YoKratom seems to provide many unique Kratom strains for competitive prices. So if you’re in the market and looking for new suppliers, make sure to give this one a go.