Zion Herbals Kratom has entered the market with the mission to improve your ketum taste. We live in an age where it is essential to improve core strength. Not only humans, but your pets are also crucial parts of your life so that you need to look for their best health. The use of kratom can be a good option if you want to live healthy and active. Using this herb for yourself is highly beneficial because it provides ease and convenience.

In the market, there are different sellers, but finding the best one is a daunting task. To choose the best dealer, it is essential to complete your search. Learn more about this natural product since it is simple to use, but you need to learn some points.


This US brand delivers numerous types of botanicals. The Zion Herbals Kratom has been stunning the users since 2010 with all its excellent product line. We all know that in all states of America, the fame of the herb is increasing day by day so that the number of vendors is growing without any hassle.

Many sellers have entered to be a part of the industry for making money in the market. Therefore, you can see many people dealers in the market. However, there are trust issues because most of them sell bogus products.

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About The Brand

It is the brand that has been selling products since 2010, and they claim that they introduce premium quality mitragyna speciosa in the industry. They have made the access of every Ketum lover possible to the trustworthy product.

One of the most important things we need to keep in mind is safety when using the herb. This brand ensures that its products are of premium quality and safe for human use. Most people use to give botanical products for different reasons, but they worry about side effects.

Most new users may not find it safe, but they will be on the safe side if they are ordering their favorite products from Zion Herbals Kratom . Its expected advantages are several, and people focus on potential side effects, considerations, and payable benefits. The use of herbal products is highly excellent for all users.

What Is New In Their Products?

Say Goodbye to bitter herb because this brand has brought a new idea for the users. Yes, give a treat to your taste buds and enjoy your favorite fruit flavor.

All the fruit-flavored products come are available in twenty-five fruits flavors such as yellow grapefruit, tamarind, Raspberry, peach, passion fruit, multivitamin, lemonade, lemon tonic, lemonade, lemon tonic, lemonade pie, Ice tea passion fruit, ice tea, lemon, Guava, Guanaba, grapefruit tonic, forest fruit, dragon fruit, cherry pomegranate, blueberry, berry blend, acerola, Acai Berry and others.

It has become straightforward and straightforward to use this herb without any planning. All these items are available of high-quality.

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How Do They Maintain The Quality?

Maintaining quality is not easy for all brands, but Zion Herbals Kratom has made it possible with the help of its strict quality control. It chooses all its manufacturers who follow the natural and eco-friendly ways of farming and processing.

It increases the freshness and purity of the product. Not only this, this brand is highly strict about the farming procedure because it never encourages pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals in the plantation procedure. Therefore, manufacturers prefer the hand-picked leaves process to improve the freshness of the plants.

Do They Provide Lab-Test Report?

In the mitragyna speciosa industry, a lab-test report about all batches is essential so that Zion Herbals Kratom tests its items at the Wonderland Labs. This lab test report is critical to proving the quality of the product.

It always focuses on the purity and freshness of the Ketum items. It is essential to check the presence of the toxic material, alkaloids combinations, metal presence, and others. All these things decide the purity and quality of the item. All the customers find it reliable when getting the lab-test report. Moreover, you can get the proof on the website.

Are They AKA GMP Qualified?

There is no proof of their AKA GMP approval on their site. Due to this, the majority of the people may not want to buy products from the brand, but they have applied for it so that they will soon have the GMP approval.

American Kratom Association is an institute that gives certification to all the manufacturers and vendors to serve in the industry as per their standards.

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Companies that have certification from AKA are more reliable and trustworthy. However, Zion Herbals Kratom is not GMP qualified, but you will fan this seller once you buy their products.

What Is Their Product Line?

A visit to the brand’s official website can show you the products. It sells various items such as Smilin Island Sauces, Botana Fresh, Nine Mile High Botanicals, and many more from the product page.

It stands out in terms of variety, delivering a vast range of suitable herbs for all the users and meeting their expectations every time.

Browse on their website; there are 38 various items under the inventory of the brand, including Kratom soft gels, tablets, infused Chai Teabags, supreme Blend capsules, and powder, 5 GR extract tablets Jar, liquid kratom 24k Gold Extract, and many more.

The list of the products is very long, and the tincture lovers access this website for effective development.

Do They Encourage Bulk Sale?

Yes, they do, and most buyers like to order kratom capsules and kratom powders in bulk in different strain varieties. They sell green vein Hulu Kapuas, red and white in size. The packages have started at 100g to 1000g.

For the bulk buyers, they have introduced plenty of packages and offers. If you want to purchase potent and robust items, it is the ultimate option because all these products remain fresh for a long time. Moreover, those items have total spectrum alkaloids at 10% to 80% potency.

Are There Any Discount Coupons And Codes?

All the bulk packages are available in total gallons, half gallons, quarts, and pints. However, they can be costly for the majority of the users. To avoid high costs, you can enjoy the benefits of discount coupons and codes since the 100g packet is available for just $15. In this way, you will meet your budget and get premium quality.

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Shipping Options

Various sellers use several options to deliver their parcels. Similarly, Zion Herbals Kratom utilizes UPS or USPS to ship the products. They use reliable sources and are famous for quick shipping options.

Moreover, this brand sends all their parcels without marking them. On the standard shipping time, they deliver the products at your pace. As per the customer’s review, the majority of the buyers get their packages on time.

They take the responsibility of delivering products safely without any damages. About shipping charges, their policy is not clear, so that you can ask their customer support staff.

Is There Money-Back Guarantee?

There is no clear policy about a money-back guarantee, but you can discuss it with their Customer support staff. Moreover, the return and exchange policy for the damaged parcel is flexible, but the buyer has to bear the cost of shipping. It is simple and easy to learn about the return policy details on their website because they have declared it clearly on their policy page.

Payment Options

Despite its great pricing, product quality, and other features, Zion Herbals Kratom offers a limited credit card option. Most organizations accept the Zelle payment option, bitcoin, and some others, but all of them are not available at this brand.

However, this brand tries its best to introduce payment options for the convenience of the clients. They do not ship Kratom goods to those areas, states, and countries where the herb is not legal.

Do They Make Any Medical Claim?

No, they do not make any medical claim on their website, and it does not impose any wrong statement or show it off any of the social network pages or the web pages. They have mentioned that the Food & Drug Administration does not evaluate their products. Their items are not used for health treatments, cure of any illness, and prevention.

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Do They Have Social Media Presence?

This is the internet world so that every business is available online. Similarly, Zion Herbals Kratom has its accounts on different social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It is active on all its social media platforms to get customer feedback and reviews online. With the massive traffic, all their pages are famous on social media. You can access them online without any hassle.

Final Verdict

You can see tons of reviews about the Zion Herbals Kratom on the website and social network pages on the product’s quality. The efficient customer support staff can give you information about the pricing, quality, potency, shipping, and others online, on the phone call, and others. It is simple and easy to access the customer support staff 24/7, and they will respond quickly to reply to your queries.